Friends, Cucuyo is born of love and feeds on passion. We are an entirely volunteer-run organization (sadly, are small staff has day jobs that aren’t this). We need everyone’s help in funding this thing so that we can get back to designing a meaningful, fruitful experience for our youth. If you, a good friend, or beloved family member has benefited from international exchange, make it happen for another lucky young person.

donate fundlyA donation to Cucuyo makes an excellent holiday gift. A donation in honor of your daughter who studied Spanish in Ecuador or your friend Amy who rocked Peace Corps when she turned 50 is a great way to say, I know your experience was essential to who you are. On top of that, following the program, you will also receive a tangible gift from us that corresponds to the many giving levels detailed below. And because Cucuyo is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, you, the donor, will be rewarded with a little bit of tax relief come 2013.

Our funding campaign is being hosted by Fundly (similar to indie go-go if you are familiar with that platform).Head over to our campaign to:

  • Donate quickly and securely online
  • Read about Cucuyo’s history and purpose
  • Watch a brief video about the wildly wonderful Cucuyo experience
  • See what your donation buys for Cucuyo Youth
  • See what your donation buys for you!
  • Learn about the 2013 program Spanish on Stage
  • Help us invite others to see that the value that Cucuyo adds is worth a few of their dollars

fundly email   fundly email 2

Why We Need Your Help

Our U.S. teen participants cover their own program costs, but we rely on people like you who think this is a groovy idea to supply the rest (workshop expenses, class materials, in-country transportation, scholarships, etc.). Since 2009, more than 200 Dominican youth have participated free of charge, and we have been able to cover some of the other program costs thanks to past donors, a hard-working board, and an all-time best volunteer staff. We have seen first hand the benefits of affordable, cross-cultural arts programming for teens all over the world. Mutual cultural understanding between our youth is worth funding. Help us make it happen today and tomorrow.

High Five for That!

Your donation is 100% tax deductible; Cucuyo is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. After donating, you will receive an email receipt from Fundly that you can print and submit with your taxes.

In addition, we’d like to offer some tokens of our gratitude to you, the donor, as follows:

  • $25: a chuckle by means of a Dominican postcard containing a joke or riddle from a youth participant
  • $50: a 8 x 10 color print from the 2013 program
  • $75: a Dominican postcard bearing a joke or riddle, an 8 x 10 color print from the 2013 program, and an original illustration
  • $100: two original 5 x 7 illustrations from our talented Media Manager, Bianca Bidiuc + one pound of artisan Dominican coffee roasted by Dallis Brothers in New York
  • $250: two bags of Dominican organic ground cacao (cocoa powder) from La Red Cacao Cooperative + a dedication on our website
  • $500: DVD of the 2013 final performance + autographed script from all the teen actors + a dedication on our website
  • $1,000: a handwritten note from your scholarship recipient + a DVD of the 2013 final performance + an 8 x 10 color print of your choosing from the 2013 program + a dedication on our website
  • $2,500: Everything you see on this page (chuckle in a postcard, color program prints, original illustrations, Dominican coffee, Dominican cacao, DVD of final performance, autographed script, handwritten note from recipient, dedication on our website) + a pretty darn good feeling in your heart

We thank you for any donation. A little goes a long way when there are creative, resourceful minds at work.

Visit us at

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