This write-up comes from coLAB Weekend participant and interpreter Jesse Tomlinson, based in Guadalajara, México. Find out more about Jesse.

IMG_20170805_135045What better time than the first weekend in August to practice interpreting and learn from colleagues? Conference interpreters Laura Holcomb and Lauren Michaels organized coLAB Weekend: a two-day intensive tailored to interpreters with Spanish as a B language. coLAB Weekend was led by prolific trainer and AIIC Mexico member Hilda Tejada. And what a weekend it was!

We all met on Saturday at 9am in the Glendon College MCI interpreting lab in Toronto, Canada. The lab is truly beautiful – a first-rate space for simultaneous interpreting training.


We (Laura Holcomb, Nicholas Ferreira, Sonja Swenson, Enrica Ardemagni and Jesse Tomlinson) began our “Retour into Spanish” workshop by deep-diving into Spanish as a working language and its structure with hopes of heading off common pitfalls such as speaking Spanish with an English structure and syntax. We learned and were reminded of interesting and useful vocabulary and collocations.


Here’s a sampling from my own notes:

stakeholders – partes interesadas

gig economy – economía de autónomos

engagement – involucramiento

expertise – pericia

rewarding – gratificante

rewarding – que compensa más

across – a lo largo y ancho

on-demand – por encargo

on-demand – a petición específica

freelancer – cuentapropista

second-hand embarrassment – pena ajena

overlook – soslayar

overlook – que hace caso omiso de

emerge – destacar

credentials – logros, títulos

breakthrough – avance

funnel – embudo

blue collar – obrero

white collar – trabajo calificado

One of many highlights from the weekend’s activities: very specific, personalized feedback on our interpreting skills!

MacintoshHDUsersFembotDesktopIMG_20170806_103730.jpgThank you Glendon College for the use of your interpreting lab for this exceptional experience!

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