Why not just grab a bilingual person?

As we as an industry set about professionalizing, this topic often comes up. As I mature in my perspective, I have come to realize that bilingual people can indeed interpret and that these ad hoc or natural interpreters serve a deeply important function in our communities. That being said, you can also use a fork to eat […]

19 Degrees of Senselessness

My fruit bowl is full. This morning at 8am, I stepped out of my apartment and was greeted by a cheerful, light-handed sun and the air was unambiguous and clear-hearted allowing me to bee-bop through it to the market on a fruit mission. When I returned, I looked at the weather forecast. 19 degrees. Being […]

Why it Might Be Wise to Use an Interpreter

A colleague of mine from my Master’s of Conference Interpreting program at Glendon College shared this video with me regarding the withdrawal of funding for healthcare interpreters in the Netherlands. It really does a great job at getting to the heart of why medical interpreting is valuable. And it does it with grace and humor […]

Why interpreting anyway?

My Healthcare Interpreting professor put forth an excellent question: What do you like about interpreting? What led you to be an interpreter. You might expect these answers but I thought I’d go ahead and declare my love to the world. The linguistic sport. The feeling when you’re keeping up , you’re disappearing, everyone is understanding, […]

Coffee & Interpreting Sanduíche

The interpreting realm is a-buzz for me as of late. I want to lay it all out here, so if you’re not a part of the interpreting world or you aren’t my grandmother Mimi you may find this a bit boring. I’ll try to be as spicy as some of you know that I’m capable […]