A couple of important steps are involved in order to ensure a successful communicative experience across languages and cultures. You’re already on your way to step one: contract a qualified interpreter rather than, say, putting a family member, bilingual staff member or other unprepared individual in an uncomfortable, risky situation.

getting-it-right-coverTo the right, you’ll find an American Translators Association (ATA) publication which explains the difference between interpreters and translators and why hiring qualified ones is so darn important.

Or, take it from a healthcare provider! In an inspiring article for the ATA, Dr. Patrick J. Javid manifests his appreciation for a Mixteco Bajo interpreter that allowed him to properly care for a three year old with a ruptured appendix.

In short, this brief video from Glendon College illustrates the enormous benefits of working with trained, professional interpreters. At times, lives hinge in the balance.