Distance Learning: A no-brainer (in theory)

Distance Learning is here to stay. It just makes too much sense. While the concept may be a given, being an effective teacher in a virtual classroom is anything but. Even those of us who consider ourselves digital natives (or the near equivalent) quickly realize that training interpreters across space and time requires a pilot specialized […]

Coffee & Interpreting Sanduíche

The interpreting realm is a-buzz for me as of late. I want to lay it all out here, so if you’re not a part of the interpreting world or you aren’t my grandmother Mimi you may find this a bit boring. I’ll try to be as spicy as some of you know that I’m capable […]

Past the Inbox & Straight for Your Ear

If you are an interpreter, in love with a terp, or are interested in becoming a terp as soon as you finish your cereal, I highly recommend subscribing to Lourdes de Rioja’s wonderful video blog A Word in Your Ear. This beautiful lady prods, asks and celebrates the interpreting profession and those who act it […]