Virtual Interpreting Services

Thanks to the hard work of many talented tech developers, language service providers and forward-thinking interpreters, remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) is no longer the stuff of sci-fi. RSI is here. And when correctly implemented, it is a sight to behold.

Remote simultaneous interpreting platforms allow you to contract the interpreting team best suited for the job (in terms of training, subject matter expertise and language combination), rather than from a limited local pool or having to pay for costly travel and accommodations to bring that expert in.

RSI also allows for entirely online events in which all speakers, participants and interpreters connect from different locations. This means enormous savings in overhead infrastructure costs and gives our planet a nice breather as well.

Remote services come in many different flavors: simultaneous, consecutive, video and audio, audio only, interpreters working from home or remote studios… the options are plentiful. We recommend that you make sure that the platform you use is committed to providing full tech support and that your interpreters are properly equipped and trained in remote interpreting.

String & Can is happy to recommend platforms based on your particular needs and put together the best remote interpreting team that your city, or rather, the world has to offer. Schedule an online consultation.