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String & Can also provides on-site interpretation services. We splice together rigorous preparation and quality standards with the simple joy derived from transmitting an idea born to be shared. We’re on the line,  how can we help?

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COHERENT COMMUNICATION. We painstakingly safeguard the logic and intention of your message, avoiding at all costs the unfortunate incoherent Google Translate word spew.

ONE-TIME INVESTMENT. String & Can is for those who like the idea of doing it right the first time—and avoiding the fallout costs of communication errors, unequal access liability, and disengaged constituents who opt not to return the following year. Expect fair market value. Nothing more, nothing less. Less means that you are risking hiring individuals who do something else for a living, and treat interpreting as an afterthought. Not at String & Can. We live from and for interpreting. That’s what makes us good at it.

REMOTE INTERPRETATION SERVICES. Like all other industries, interpreting is going through a technological transformation. As conferences, meetings and events move into the online space, we are working hard to make sure it can be done multilingually. Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Platforms are here, and they are making interpretation services accessible to a whole new market. It’s exciting, but the success of the experience depends on finding interpreters who are properly set up and trained to provide remote services. Read more about remote interpreting options.

COMPETENCY. In the countdown to your event, String & Can prepares with you!  We are devouring speaker bios, analyzing presenters’ public speaking patterns, marking up PowerPoints, and committing key industry concepts and terminology to memory.

PASSION, EXCELLENCE. Our professionals have devoted countless hours to their craft just as you have to yours. They have received the highest level training available. And still, when the mic is switched off, the next question is always: “How can I do this even better next time?”

TEAM PLAYERS. We labor behind the scenes to keep it simple for you. Then we climb in the booth and scribble down figures and names for our colleagues. The most effective interpretation results from highly collaborative work in the booth.

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